Before renovation

Before renovation

The Bungalow remodel project allows us to walk through the process of a renovation from start to finish.   

Our Bay View home-owners were weighing their options to move or stay (and renovate their home).  They made the choice to stay because of the inspiration we provided through our design ideas and our ability to provide a renovation option within their budget. 

The Process

It all starts with a discussion of ideas... 

We start with a consultation meeting to discuss your ideas.  We'll go over space needs, design ideas, materials, time-frame and budget to come up with realistic options to create the space that's ideally suited for your family.   

Kitchen rendering bar wall.jpg

You then choose your color scheme, materials & hardware (as well as your appliances) and we put it all together.  

Demolition & "Pre"construction

We pride ourselves on a quick demolition, usually 1 to 2 days.  Our team will leave a clean, safe work space throughout the demolition and reconstruction.




Our expert team of craftsman & subcontractors are then coordinated to start reconstruction of your space.  We get the job done efficiently and with no gaps in the work process.   Our team strives for the goal of finishing the project on time and within budget.


Surfaces, Cabinets & Hardware 

Installation of cabinets, countertops and hardware brings us closer to the finished result.


Post Construction

With the transformation complete its ready for you to make it your own. 

View to dining Room.jpg

Transformation that inspires.   

We find often that the room we work on isn't the only one affected by the renovation...


Outdoor Space

The Bungalow project impacted the outdoor living area too.


The transformation continued to the outdoor living space as well.   By connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces the Bungalow remodeling project provided its homeowners a completely new living space that fit their lifestyle and allowed them to more easily entertain family and friends.